Project SAFE


The stated goal of Arizona’s Project SAFE (Swift, Accountable, Fair Enforcement) is to quickly and proportionally address illegal behavior, primarily drug use, so that clients will ultimately reduce their criminal behavior and successfully complete probation.

“Smart Probation Strategies”

“Probation officers often find themselves with large, unmanageable caseloads, while judges are forced to choose between sending repeat offenders away for long periods of time or ignoring probation or parole violations altogether. ‘Smart’ justice systems now offer better, cheaper, and more effective options. More states and localities are implementing strategies to improve outcomes and reduce the burden of drug-involved offenders on their criminal justice and corrections systems. These innovative new programs include Alaska’s Probationer Accountability with Certain Enforcement (PACE), Delaware’s ‘Decide Your Time’, and Arizona’s ‘Swift, Accountable, Fair Enforcement’ (SAFE) program.”*

Swift and certain punishment for violating the terms of probation sends a consistent message to probationers and affirms that there are consequences for illegal behavior. Research has shown that a quick response to a violation of probation is vital in shaping future behavior.

If the Court institutes Project SAFE as a term of probation, condition #20 will be checked, as indicated below:


*Office of National Drug Control Policy, Fact Sheet, Aug 2011. < alternatives_to_incarceration_fact_sheet_10-13-11.pdf>



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