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Probation Department - I'm Arrested, Now What?

If you are a juvenile, parent of a juvenile, or work with youth, this web site should be of vital interest to you.

The "I'm Arrested. Now What?" web site was created to educate our youth, parents and youth workers on the seriousness and consequences of juvenile crime. Oftentimes, teens break the law not realizing, until it is too late, the emotional harm and financial hardships they will bring on themselves and their families.   Specifically, this web site is designed:

  • To assist the families of alleged juvenile offenders, so that they may better understand the juvenile justice system in Mohave County, Arizona
  • To allow all youth to gain an appreciation of the ramifications of juvenile delinquency, both on themselves and on their parents or guardians
  • This web site will take you through what happens to a child when he or she commits a delinquent act in Mohave County.   We look at:

    Getting Arrested;
    Being booked into Juvenile Detention
    Having to appear before a Juvenile Court Judge
    and Serving time in a Juvenile Institution



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