Moral Reconation Therapy ( MRT )


Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) is a program based on the cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) approach which helps clients discover and change the thought processes that lead to problematic behavior, hence the term “conation” which refers to the mind or ego, and “reconation” roughly meaning to “reboot the mind or ego”.

In that regard, MRT emphasizes personal accountability and helps offenders understand the thoughts and choices that led to their crimes, with a focus on changing criminal attitudes, beliefs, values, thinking patterns, and behaviors. MRT has been proven through research to reduce the recidivism rate of offenders and its success rate has been high enough that MRT has been granted Evidence Based Practice Status.

The program has twelve modules and meets for two hours, two to three times each month in Kingman, Lake Havasu City and Bullhead City, with a primary focus on substance abuse.

Currently, the Mohave County Adult Probation Department utilizes the How to Escape Your Prison workbook, which can be obtained from the probation officer upon enrollment into the program. The cost for the entire twelve week program is $100.00, payable in four payments of $25.00 or at the direction of the officer.



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