Intensive Probation Supervision ( IPS )


Intensive Probation Supervision is a highly structured prison diversion program designed for high-risk adult felony offenders sentenced to probation which emphasizes the payment of restitution. Probationers are screened for IPS when ordered by the Court or upon recommendation from a probation officer based on the probationer's criminogenic needs or risk to the community which justifies an increase in supervision.

While on IPS, the probationer is required to comply with house arrest at all times, with the exception of work, job searching, community work service, and attending treatment. The probationer must report weekly to their probation officer and fill out a schedule of their approved activities for the week. The IPS probation officer makes several contacts outside of the office with the probationer per week, as well as regular contact with employers, treatment providers, and family members to monitor the probationer's progress.

The probationer is also expected to complete a set number of community work service hours per week, attend treatment or counseling, and submit all of their income to the probation officer for the payment of restitution and court fines. Only after these payments are satisfied does the probationer receive the remainder of their income.

The IPS program consists of four levels, each lasting approximately twelve weeks. There is a fifth level, which is reserved for probationers participating in long-term residential treatment. Those who comply fully with the terms of their probation may expect to be in the program for one year or less, depending on their individual needs. Those that are not successful may remain at each level longer, and if they remain non-compliant, then they may be returned to the court for revocation proceedings.

Mohave County's Intensive Probation program reflects an Evidence Based approach to high risk offender supervision and implements a "best practices" supervision model designed to protect the community and increase positive behavioral changes in probationers.

Intensive Probation Conditions

When sentenced to IPS, the probationer is given the following conditions in addition to the Uniform Conditions of Probation.

1. Remain at your place of residence at all times except to go to work, attend school, perform community service or as specifically allowed in each instance by the APD.

2. Perform not less than 40 hours of community service each month. Full-time students may be exempted or required to perform fewer hours of community service. For good cause the court may reduce the number of community service hours performed to not less than 20 hours each month.

3. Submit all wages to the Intensive Probation Supervision account. These wages are subject to the payment of all court ordered financial obligations and may be held and/or dispersed as authorized by the APD.

4. Abide by and comply with any written directive of the APD to enforce compliance with IPS program rules and regulations.

If you have any questions regarding IPS, please feel free to contact the Probation Department at
(928) 753-0741 and ask for the IPS Officer.




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