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Injunction Against Workplace Harassment Forms

Injunctions against Harassment and Orders of Protection can be issued by any court in Arizona regardless of the location of the plaintiff and defendant. They can be issued either ex parte (with only one person present) or after a hearing. Both are good for one year after service on the defendant. Only the judge can terminate or change them. Service of process charges apply to Injunctions and may be deferred or waived depending on your financial circumstances. You may discuss this with the clerk when you visit the court to file for an order or injunction.

Injunction Against Workplace Harassment

The Injunction Against Workplace Harassment, which went into effect on December 31, 2000, is very similar to the more familiar "Injunction Against Harassment".

There are two basic differences between the regular injunction against harassment and the new workplace injunction. First of all, a person petitions for a regular injunction, whereas a business, or an authorized agent of a business or employee, petitions for a workplace injunction. Secondly, a regular injunction protects a person, and follows that person around, whereas a workplace injunction protects a place, stays at that place and protects employees, customers, visitors - whoever comes into that place.