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I am filing for a divorce.  I would like my maiden name back.  What do I do?

There is a section on your Petition for Dissolution of Marriage that addresses this issue.  Please refer back to your instructions that came with your packet.  If you are the Respondent and you wish to have your maiden name restored, the packet contains a form entitled "Request to Restore Maiden Name" that you can fill out and file with the Clerk's Office.

  • What if I am already divorced and I wish to have my maiden name given back to me?

Once the divorce has become final and the issue of restoring your maiden name was not addressed, you will need to file for a name change with the court.

  • I would like to change the name of my child and amend the birth certificate to reflect the new name.  What do I do?

If you want to amend the birth certificate to reflect the father's last name and the parents were not married, you can file to establish paternity.  If you want to legally change the name of a minor child, use the appropriate legal form and file them with the court. 

Name Change Forms
Name Change for an Adult
Name Change for a Family
Name Change for a Minor




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