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Lake Havasu City Municipal Court


The Lake Havasu City Municipal Court operates as the independent judicial branch of government established by the Constitution of the State of Arizona and under the direct supervision of the Arizona Supreme Court. The court's jurisdiction includes traffic matters and criminal misdemeanor cases.

Mission Statement:

To guarantee the basic due process rights of all citizens appearing before the court, while assuring public safety through its dispositional powers.

Lake Havasu City Municipal Court Judge
City Magistrate,
Honorable Mitch Kalauli

Court Calendar

Lake Havasu City Municipal Court Calendar is posted each day at 3:00pm for the following day. Please click here to view current calendar

Types of Cases
  • Criminal Misdemeanor
  • Traffic
  • Juvenile
  • City & County Ordinances
  • Orders of Protection
  • Injunctions Against Harassment
  • Court Room Policies and Procedures

  • - No firearms or weapons are permitted in the building.
  • - No food or drink is allowed in the building.
  • - Talking on cell phones in court is not permitted.
  • - These proceedings are electronically recorded.
  • - The wearing of hats, colors, sunglasses, and inappropriate clothing such as tank tops, swimsuits, and shirts with profanity written on them is prohibited in the courtroom.
  • - No children under 14 years of age are allowed in the courtroom without prior approval.
  • If you would like to make a payment online click here

  • Walk-in / Lobby hours: 8:30am to 4:30pm.

    Walk-in court limited to warrants, public defender requests, jail commitment issues, and early arraignments.





    Court Information

    2001 College Drive, Suite 152
    Lake Havasu City,
    AZ 86403

    Map / Directions

    Phone Number (928)453-0748
    Fax Number (928) 680-0193


    Court Supervisor
    Ext. 3008

    Veteran's Court Clerk
    Ext. 3010

    Youth Court Clerk

    Civil Traffic Clerk
    Ext. 3069

    Criminal Clerks by

    A - D ext. 3044
    E - K ext. 3022
    L - Q ext. 3011
    R - Z ext. 3042

    Jury Duty
    ext. 3043

    Lake Havasu City Municipal Court Links

  • Request for Continuance
  • Record Search form
  • Credit Card Authorization for Payment of Fines Form
  • Appeal Guide for Self-Represented Parties
  • Main Court Forms Page

  • AZPOINTClick here to apply for a Petition for Order of Protection/Injunction Against Harassment

  • Window Hours of Operation
    Monday Thru Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm excluding holidays