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There are 5 justice courts in Mohave County that hear a combined caseload of approximately 50,000 cases each year. These include civil lawsuits where the amount in dispute is $10,000 or less, landlord and tenant controversies, small claims cases and the full range of civil and criminal traffic offenses, including DUIs. Justices of the Peace also resolve other types of misdemeanor allegations (e.g. shoplifting, writing bad checks, violating restraining orders) and, like other trial judges, also handle requests for orders of protection and injunctions against harassment.

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ALL PARTIES TO A COURT PROCEEDING ARE STRONGLY URGED TO OBTAIN LEGAL ADVICE FROM AN ATTORNEY. COURT PERSONNEL CANNOT GIVE LEGAL ADVICE. Court proceedings are governed by Arizona law and are extremely complicated. All parties involved must follow these procedures correctly. The Court may issue an order for monetary penalties against any party who does not proceed properly.



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